Year 9, 10 & 11 English

Belfairs Academy English Department takes pride in delivering a diverse curriculum, engaging the students and allowing them to become creative, independent learners.

Within the curriculum we offer the students the opportunity to look at media non-fiction, poetry, creative writing, novels and dramas. There are endless opportunities to develop the author within.

Speaking and Listening activities also feature in the schemes for learning to ensure that your child will become confident in different situations where they are required to make an oral contribution.

We also highlight the importance of listening. We sometimes forget the importance of listening to each other, even as adults, so we ensure that within the classroom there is a mutual respect for all students.

Our goal is to enable students to be reflective readers, skilled writers, confident speakers and creative thinkers. We work as a team to plan courses that are stimulating and enjoyable with activities that enable students to investigate texts and explore the ways in which meanings are communicated. We have a clear focus on the development of students’ literacy skills and use assessments to provide precise targets that will allow students to make progress and have a sense of direction for future learning.

The team:

Mrs N Stennett (Faculty Leader)

Mrs H Heighington (Subject Leader)

Mr R Woolmore (Progress Leader)

Miss H Morris 

Mrs J Wilson

Miss A Hunter

Mrs K Taylor

Miss E Kelly  

Mr S Ward

Mr J Buxton

Miss A Clark 

Mrs Z Ormes 

Miss M Antony 

Mrs G Bradford 

Miss E Newman 

Mrs N Roland 

Mrs H Dodkins

Miss A Balakrishnan

Click on the links below to see the curriculum content for the relevant year group. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the academy and speak to the subject leader.