The Pathways Curriculum

At Belfairs Academy students follow a personalised pathways curriculum. This curriculum matches their skills, abilities and individual needs. The principle behind this is to provide a curriculum diet that stretches and challenges at all levels and allows students to make progress at all times.

There are four pathways: PurpleRedBlue and Green.

Each subject has their own boundaries for the four pathways and lessons are designed to match the learning needs within them. A student can be in different pathways for different subjects, for example, a red pathway for English and History and a blue for Science. Students will also be able to move within the pathways depending on their progress. Progress within the pathways will be reviewed each half term and opportunities for movement will be identified.

Follow the links below to find further detail about each subject, who teaches each year group and the contents of the curriculum. We believe in developing the whole child, and consequently you will find both academic and enrichment information in the following pages.

Should you require further information please contact the Subject Leader for that subject, whose details you will find in the above sections.