Behaviour & Expectations-


Mobile Phone Ban:

To further safeguard our students and ensure that pupils are focused on their learning, Belfairs Academy has banned the use of mobile phone/smart devices and students are not permitted to use their phones or smart devices anywhere on the academy premises. This has ensured that students are not distracted from their studies and academy staff can spend more time supporting pupils with their learning. If a student is found using a mobile phone on the academy site, it will be confiscated immediately and only returned to a parent/carer.

Equipment Expectations: 

Below is the essential equipment list:

• Pencil Case (preferably clear so it can be used for examinations)

• Black pen

• Pencil

• Eraser

• Pencil Sharpener

• 15 cm ruler

• Scientific calculator (students should already have these and bring them every day for their maths lessons)

The following equipment is highly desired:

• Green pen

• Glue stick

• Compass (technical drawing)

• Protractor

• Highlighter

The academy has a range of equipment available to buy from our reprographics department. We have pencil cases with equipment, for £2. This can be paid for by uploading £2 on ParentPay. 

Students must have a bag big enough to fit an A4 book in. Please check that your child’s school bag can fit the necessary books and equipment.

Classroom Code of Conduct

Classrooms, laboratories, technology areas and sports facilities are your place of work. In any workplace there needs to be clearly defined codes of practice and expectations to enable everyone to work in a safe and pleasant environment. It would therefore be helpful if everyone followed the same codes of practice:

1. At the start of the lesson

  • Arrive punctually and wait sensibly.
  • Enter the classroom quietly on the signal of the teacher.
  • Take out books, pens and equipment and put bags away.
  • Remain quiet while the register is being taken.
  • Expect teachers to enforce the rules, which apply to uniform and jewellery.

2. During the lesson

  • Listen when the teacher is giving out information or instructions.
  • Raise your hand to ask or answer questions.
  • Work sensibly with those around you. Annoying or distracting others is detrimental to you and other students.
  • Students who are late with no just cause should expect to be detained for explanation and to make up the work missed.
  • All food and drink should be consumed outside the classroom.
  • Mobile phones, any other portable devices, MP3 players, gaming machines, magazines, or other distractions are not allowed and will be confiscated.
  • Obtain staff permission if it is necessary to leave the room.
  • Homework must be recorded and completed as directed.

3. At the end of the lesson

  • Wait for the teacher to tell you to pack away.
  • When told to do so, stand and put chairs under or on the desks as instructed.
  • Leave the room as you would wish to find it. Place any litter in the bin.
  • Wait quietly until your teacher dismisses you.

4. Please remember…

Teachers are in the position of parents/guardians while you are in school and in that respect:

  • Requests from teachers should be carried out immediately without argument.
  • There is no excuse for rudeness, disrespect or insolence towards any member of the school staff.

Good habits will lessen the need for teacher instruction and will promote a more enjoyable working atmosphere.