Literacy at Belfairs

Adolescents entering the adult world in the 21st century will read and write more than at any other time in human history. They will need advanced levels of literacy to perform their jobs, run their households, act as citizens, and conduct their personal lives. They will need literacy to cope with the flood of information they will find everywhere they turn. They will need literacy to feed their imaginations so they can create the world of the future. In a complex and sometimes even dangerous world, their ability to read can be crucial.

As your child moves to and develops within Secondary school they will need to develop a range of literacy skills. Here at Belfairs Academy we like to encourage our students to be independent learners and to use every opportunity as a way of improving their basic literacy skills.

Our current literacy initiatives include:

1. Tutor time reading and writing activities.

2. Reading challenges

3. Reading event to promote a passion for reading – July “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”

4. Student librarians promote a passion for reading.

5. LRC (Reading clubs and support groups available)

6. Levelled reading list available.

7. Reading opportunities in English lessons

8. Cross curricular lesson opportunities with use of the literacy box in each room

9. Parent support booklets for reading and writing

10. Literacy targets set across the curriculum

11. Targeted reading interventions

12. Literacy ambassadors promote a passion for reading.

13. Word of the week

14. The Phoenix (our Academy Magazine)

15. Literacy marketplace events

16. Technology used to support literacy development

17. Comprehension Clarence – The Literacy Mascot

18. Regular author visits for whole year groups and targeted groups

19. Literacy challenges and competitions

20. Dyslexia lunchtime support group