Leading Parental Partnership Award

The academy achieved the Leading Parental Partnership Award in July 2018. We would like to thank all parents and carers who have attended academy events over the course of last academic year. We have enjoyed listening to your views on a range of topics relating to academy life. Your thoughts and experiences are important to us and we hope that as a consequence of our home/school partnership all students at Belfairs Academy are given the best opportunity to achieve their potential.

We have, of course, scheduled many more opportunities this academic year, for parents and carers to participate in academy events and to give voice to their opinions and ideas about academy life. You can find details of our academy events on our calendar and on our twitter account (there are links at the bottom of this page).

We always invite parents to share their views, concerns or compliments to the academy through one of the following channels:

By phone – call to your child’s Year Leader or the Subject Leader for the different Departments or your child’s teachers.

By letter or email – which can be directed in the academy to the appropriate person who will then get in touch with you.

Attend the Parents’ Forum – these are held throughout the year, last roughly 45 minutes and at which a key member of staff gives a short talk on an element of the Academy. There is then an opportunity for questions and answers. To see more information on parent forums including the upcoming dates visit the parent forum section of the website here.

Progress Evenings – an opportunity to meet with your child’s teachers to discuss their progress, achievement and any barriers that may inhibit them reaching their potential.

Arrange a meeting – you are welcome to arrange to meet with Subject Leaders, Senior Leaders and Class teachers at any point during the year.

There are questionnaires to complete at all events and comments are always welcome. It is good to know what is going well as well as areas that need closer attention.

I am happy to discuss the Award with parents/carers that may wish to ask questions, please do contact me at the academy.

Should you require any further information on the LPPA award, please contact me at the academy.