Year 12 & 13 Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

The team:

Miss C St John-Coleman (Subject Leader)

Mrs B Hughes

Year 12 & 13

Students follow the OCR A-level course in Religious Studies. The course is divided into three units – Ethics, Philosophy and Developments in Christian Thought. The course encourages students to think and be open to a wide variety of religious, ethical and philosophical perspectives. Topics include Ancient Greek Philosophy, life after death, body and soul, business ethics and euthanasia.

Gifted and Talented/Enrichment activities

Students may be offered the opportunity to attend conferences aimed at exploring aspects of the A level course.


The department follows the Academy policy on homework. In addition, wider reading of key texts is encouraged.


Students will use:

‘Religious Studies for A level and AS’ (Michael B Wilkinson / Michael Wilcockson) Hodder

‘Religious Studies for OCR’ (Ahluwalia and Bowie) Oxford

For both books there is a Year 1 and a Year 2 version.

Websites recommended by RS Dept

Parent Support

All staff attend parent consultation evenings, and prepare information handouts for parents when appropriate, e.g. revision guides for forthcoming examinations. The Subject Leader is also always available to address any concerns that parents may have.


GCSE and A-Level Religious Studies courses are valued and respected by outside agencies. They offer entry to many higher education courses and fields of employment. Ultimately, they may lead to careers in journalism, law, medical professions, police, education and the armed forces.

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